Dogs Boarding in Washington DC, Northern VA and Bethesda, MD

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Virginia Facility now expanding to serve the round trip transportation for a long term stay only in the area as far as Raleigh, NC.

Main focus is on Washington DC, Northern VA and Bethesda, MD.Dogs Boarding for Washington DC

Virgina Dogs Boarding

Virginia¬†Facility is now open for drop off and pick up at the Facility at Client’s Request for Tourists – destined to Monticello area and Charlotte, SC.

The Mondays & Thursdays run are extended to Week End as well for not only Virginia Facility but also Pennsylvania Facility. This includes Philadelphia area, Darien РGreenwich, CT and Hoboken, NJ.

“No Dogs Left Behind” is our round trip transportation mantra. Happy Tails from Craig’sK9!


Happy July 4th and the booking is underway!
Please consult your Vet for Lyme Disease Vaccination; it is required by a Vet Check Up before boarding with us.

Craig’sK9 Team